Elastic Messy Bun Hairpiece

The GlamTouché Elastic Messy Bun Hairpiece is the perfect accessory for any hair color, length, or texture, creating the look of instant volume and limitless styles.

White 1
Gray 2
Gray 1
Black 1
Black 2
Black Mixed 1
Dark Brown 1
Dark Brown 2
Dark Brown 3
Dark Brown 4
Dark Brown Mixed 1M
Dark Brown Mixed 2M
Dark Brown Mixed 3M
Dark Brown Mixed 5H
Dark Brown Mixed 6H
Dark Brown Mixed 7H
Red Brown 1
Red Brown 2
Red Brown 3
Brown Mixed 1H
Brown Mixed 3H
Brown Mixed 3T
Brown Mixed 5H
Blonde 1
Blonde 3
Blonde 4
Blonde 5
Blonde 6
Blonde 7
Blonde 8
Blonde 9
Blonde Mixed 1T
Blonde Mixed 1H
Blonde Mixed 3T
Blonde Mixed 4H
Blonde Mixed 5T
Blonde Mixed 6H
Blonde Mixed 7H
Blonde Mixed 7T
Blonde Mixed 10M
Blonde Mixed 10H
Red 1

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The quickest and easiest way to get the natural and classy messy bun look! Simply tie your hair into a bun, twist the messy bun scrunchie around your bun and style as desired. Simple and gorgeous.

Two Messy bun combinations can be used for better results.