Ponytail Hairpiece

The GlamTouché Ponytail Hairpiece is the perfect accessory for any hair color, length, or texture, creating the look of instant volume and limitless styles.

Black 1
Black 2
Dark Brown 1
Dark Brown 2
Dark Brown 3
Dark Brown MIxed 1M
Dark Brown MIxed 2M
Dark Brown Mixed 4H
Brown 2
Red Brown 1
Red Brown 3
Brown Mixed 1H
Brown Mixed 2H
Brown Mixed 3H
Brown Mixed 4H
Blonde 8
Blonde Mixed 1H
Blonde Mixed 2M
Blonde Mixed 4H
Blonde Mixed 7H
Red 1

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The quickest and easiest way to get the natural and classy ponytail look! Simply clip this hairpiece on to your hair, and style as desired. Simple and gorgeous.
Try short and long ponytails for different occasions.

Simple & Gorgeous!

Other Key Benefits:
Save extra time by attaching our Ponytail in just a few minutes, without having to redo your hair extension constantly
• Turn heads & get compliments everywhere you go knowing your friends won’t have the cutest ponytail - as it isn’t available in stores
Save the money you’re spending on professional hairdressers by using our Ponytail for professional extension results - instant volume