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String Straight Hair Extension

The key to your next glow up has arrived. Uniquely designed to be easy-to-apply and add fullness and length to your mane for a beautiful transformation in an instant. They blend naturally with your own locks and can be easily styled with thermal tools.
White 1
Gray 2
Gray 1
Black 1
Black 2
Dark Brown 1
Dark Brown 2
Dark Brown 3
Dark Brown 4
Dark Brown Mixed 1M
Dark Brown Mixed 2M
Dark Brown Mixed 3M
Dark Brown Mixed 7H
Dark Brown Mixed 10F
Dark Brown Mixed 11T
Red Brown 1
Red Brown 2
Red Brown 3
Brown 1
Brown 2
Brown Mixed 3F
Brown Mixed 5F
Brown Mixed 6T
Blonde 1
Blonde 2
Blonde 3
Blonde 4
Blonde 5
Blonde 8
Blonde Mixed 1T
Blonde Mixed 2M
Blonde Mixed 8F
Blonde Mixed 10M
Blonde Mixed 10F
Blonde Mixed 11F
Blonde Mixed 12F

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